The Vaulted Group was founded in 2004 as a consulting firm. Our scope of products and services includes: Innovation/Operations and Small Business Consulting, Agricultural System Design, Emerging Material Research, Product Development, Natural Medicine, Inclusive Education, and Supply Chain Logistics.

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What inspires me: The feeling of getting better, more efficient, and more effective at whatever we choose to do.

E. Oneal Latimore II

After years of being naturally inquisitive and continuously questioning the status quo, I have taken my passion for progress and applied it to product development and service-oriented innovation in new and challenging environments. Prior to forming my first company, The Vaulted Group, I was a certified Class V river guide trained in the mountains of Northern California, a member of The Old Guard in the U.S. Army’s 3rd Infantry serving Arlington National Cemetery, a nightclub DJ, a manager of bookstores and coffee shops in Philly and San Francisco and the operator of a full-line micro-brewery. My unique approach to business has evolved over the last 20+ years through collaboration with business owners, professionals and veterans of industry, alongside farmers and natural medicine practitioners, and by building lesson plans that would catalyze a seventh-grade classroom to create technological works of art. I will always continue to seek new opportunities to push my practice and develop my leadership skills with the intent to create high-value and high-quality experiences for everyone involved.

Over the years I have apprenticed with Traditional Chinese Healers, a professional mycologist, and a master herbalist where I was carefully introduced to the path of integrative medicine and holistic treatment. Everything that I do is for the betterment of those in this timeline that we share. These experiences have allowed me to pursue the diametrically diverse interests that have found me throughout my education and career. Most recently, my work has brought me in contact with emerging biotechnologies, cognitive anthropology through synthesis education, earth-based healing traditions, and systems of advanced fluid dynamics.

I am the founder of Eastern Hemp Company, LLC, an advanced material research and consulting firm focused on agricultural systems design, plant-based industrial materials, product development, and supply chain logistics. Currently we are partnered with Thomas Jefferson University on a top-secret material development project using mushrooms.  I am honored to be one of the operational partners on the team of Think and Grow Solutions LLC, an agricultural technology company (Ag-Tech) currently focused on closing the subsistence gap through food preservation techniques and global cultivation methods.  This is how I see the change to become…by connecting the urban and rural economies through cooperative business models we can ensure mutual success.

Our vision from the early days has been to bring together a community of thinkers and doers who want to make a difference, and our mission has always been to help others accomplish their goals by providing products and services they need. We care about our contribution to the world and how it helps your individual health, as well as the sustainability of your organization.

In addition to earning degrees in Anthropology, Entrepreneurship, Emerging Media Digital Arts, Finance, Human Resources, and Non-Profit Management, the managing principals have collaborated over the last 25 years with entrepreneurs, microlenders and small business consultants, hemp farmers, and natural medicine practitioners on various projects.

Product Development Portfolio:

Pepper Bru™

Atlas Alchemy™


Hemp NotPot™

Black Leaf Naturals™ (Coming Spring 2024)

United Hemp Products™

“As an entrepreneur and a creative, I see the value in ownership and creation in leading the way to self-sustenance and prosperity in our communities.” – E. Oneal Latimore, II

What I’m passionate about: Helping others.

Lilica Latimore

Lilica joined The Group in 2012 as a small business coach and began offering her services to clients as a consultant and financial guidance counselor. While working in small business lending for three years, she recognized the need for quality financial guidance that doesn’t break the budget. As an experienced business and operations manager, Lil oversees the business development and growth divisions within The Group.