The Vaulted Group was founded in 2004 as a consulting firm. Our scope of products and services includes: Innovation, Operations and Small Business Consulting, Agricultural System Design, Product Development, and Alternative Medicine Education, Formulation & Distribution.

Our vision from the early days has been to bring together a community of thinkers and doers who want to make a difference, and our mission has always been to help others accomplish their goals by providing products and services they need. We care about our contribution to the world and how it helps your individual health, as well as the sustainability of your organization.

In addition to earning degrees in Anthropology, Entrepreneurship, Emerging Media Digital Arts, Finance, Human Resources, and Non-Profit Management, the managing principals have collaborated over the last 15 years with entrepreneurs, microlenders and small business consultants, hemp farmers, and natural medicine practitioners on various projects.

oneal latimore about us

What inspires me: The feeling of getting better, more efficient, and more effective at whatever we choose to do.

E. Oneal Latimore

After founding The Vaulted Group, Oneal began working in the manufacturing sector by designing, building, and operating a micro-brewery facility in Ashland, Oregon with a capacity of 5,000 gallon throughput per week. 

Next he transitioned into the distribution sector where he facilitated the relocation of a fulfillment warehouse center and the implementation of an inventory control system which served an international customer base.

Over the years he has apprenticed with both a Traditional Chinese Healer and a professional mycologist where he was introduced to the path of integrative medicine and holistic treatment.

Oneal has pursued diverse interests throughout his education and career, including emerging technologies, cognitive anthropology, synthesis education, earth-based healing traditions, farm operations, and small business development.

As a result of being naturally inquisitive and continuously questioning the status quo, Oneal takes his passion for progress and applies it to product and service innovation in new and challenging environments.

It makes sense. Prior to forming The Vaulted Group, he was a certified Class V river guide in the mountains of Northern California, a member of The Old Guard in the U.S. Army’s 3rd Infantry serving Arlington National Cemetery, and manager of bookstores and coffee shops on both coasts of the US.

His unique approach to consulting has evolved over the last 15 years through collaboration with entrepreneurs and veterans of industry, alongside hemp farmers and natural medicine practitioners, and by building lesson plans that will catalyze a seventh grade classroom to create.

Oneal continues to seek new opportunities to push his practice and develop his adaptive leadership skills through these rapidly changing times.

Oneal has a passion for understanding cultures, the origins of consciousness, human semiotics and ritual practices. As the sporadic host of the Off Culture podcast and a visual anthropologist, Oneal is committed to helping tell the stories of everyday people and to highlight the connections and similarities amongst seemingly disparate communities.

Unflinchingly, he has aimed his lenses on difficult subjects when he helmed a project in 2013 devoted to giving veterans a platform to open up to themselves and others about buried trauma. He has used the medium of video to “assist in a variety of therapeutic, functional and innovative ways.” Oneal believes holding a camera on someone’s eyes conveys a silent, but powerful message.

Oneal has a B.S. in Anthropology and a B.S. in Emerging Media Digital Arts from Southern Oregon University.

Oneal’s current research and writing focuses on the holistic uses of cannabinoids and mushroom cultures in natural healing methods. He is available for speaking engagements about these subjects, as well as speaking to youth about the winding road to finding your career.

Thomas Jefferson University, New Jersey Green Medicine, Eastern Hemp Company [Joint Venture] – 2019-Present
Director – Research and development group focused on designing and building a Tier 2 Polymer Research facility in Pennsylvania.  Joint Venture to build an eco-friendly materials and textiles facility.  The facility will be utilized as a training center and showcase for the industry. Additionally, it will provide new industrial workforce development opportunities for the Philadelphia region.
Eastern Hemp Company, LLC – 2019-Present

Founder – An advising and consulting firm offering services to farmers and business owners interested in expanding or growing within the hemp and cannabis industries.

Atlas Alchemy – 2018-Present

Founder, Lead Formulator – An holistic line of  health and wellness products derived from hemp, CBD, medicinal mushrooms, and other herbs. For more information visit United Hemp Products.

Nottingham Farms – 2019

Operations & Logistics – Designed one of the first industrial hemp processing facility in PA and ushered in the introduction of the TCI D-8 Decorticator to the United States.

Rogue Naturals Farm – 2016-2018

Research Farm Manager – Designed and developed new irrigation system for a 10-Acre farm operation. Managed staff and cultivation schedule, identified native and invasive plant species, and performed risk assessment and management of farm logistics.

Green Earth Medicinals – 2016-2018

Lab Technician – During the creation of the company’s flagship product, practiced techniques used in cannabinoid analytical and isolation processes including Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectrometer analysis.

Indomira LLC – 2015-2018

Director of Field Operations – Designed and implemented systems for lab storage, inventory control, and facilities maintenance. Developed and wrote standard operating procedures for farm operations, lab inventory, and transportation of raw materials.

Kids Unlimited Public Charter School & The Valley School – 2014 -2015 & 2015-2016

Emerging Media Educator – Created curriculum for elementary and middle school students centering on digital technology and transmedia storytelling. Encouraged students to collaborate, enhance their perspective, and magnify their expression by making use of emerging media platforms. Educated preteens on the uniqueness of transmedia storytelling. Inspired classes to develop and create podcasts, vlogs, graphic design and logo design.

Community Development Project – 2010-2011

Collaborated with teams in the Ford Institute Leadership Program and Coyote Trails Nature Center to design and build an educational garden using tiered cultivation and including native, edible and medicinal plants in Oregon.

Jade Mountain Medicine – 2009-2012

Botanist/Herbalist Apprentice – Gained practical and intuitive skills as an herbal healer under the guidance of a Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.  Instructed in how to identify and harvest herbs, make herbal preparations, identify health imbalances (TCM-style assessment), and recommend herbs and herbal formulas. Increased understanding in how to properly blend herbs to create health-promoting medicine (i.e. infusions, decoctions, tinctures, cough syrups, salves, and other medicaments). Researched new technologies and standard practices related to the healthcare provider industry.

Heartsong Herbal Brewery – 2006-2009

Lead Brewer at Certified Micro Brewery – Developed operating procedures for micro brewing facility. Created distribution and safety protocols for brewery. Acquired new clients through emerging market research.

Diasporic Alliance of Cannabis Opportunities (DACO) – 2019-Present

Director of Policy – DACO is a political lobbying, education, and community development non-profit committed to assuring the inclusion of minority populations in the business side of the cannabis industry.

All Together Now PA – 2019-Present

Founding Member – Hemp Local Supply Chain Coalition. Helping to forge the direction of the Hemp industry in Pennsylvania and beyond to be inclusive, equitable, and profitable.

What I’m passionate about: Helping others.

Lilica Latimore

Lilica joined The Group in 2012 as a small business coach and began offering her services to clients as a consultant and financial guidance counselor. While working in small business lending for three years, she recognized the need for quality financial guidance that doesn’t break the budget. As an experienced business and operations manager, Lil oversees the business development and growth divisions within The Group.

A self-taught html coder, Lil spent four years working in the design industry offering affordable web design and development options to small business owners.

Her volunteer experience includes grant writer and board treasurer for a nonprofit committed to helping veterans battling addiction, and business advisor for a legal education and empowerment group.

Lil subscribes to the idea that it’s possible to leave a better planet for future generations. She lives a philosophy of share and share alike; experiences, journeys, meals, and conversations are all better when shared.

Lilica has a B.S. in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship and an MBA in Finance from Quinnipiac University.

Lil’s current research and writing focuses on growing and improving communities through collaboration, honest communication, and contribution.

What I’m passionate about:Networking humans together for the greater good. Doing the hard work so I can do the good work.

Dee Fretwell

Dee joined The Group in 2019 to provide expertise in operations and nonprofit management to clients. 

University of North Georgia – 2019-Present

Adjunct Instructor – Teach the following online courses in human services department: Organizing Human Services Delivery, Program Planning/Evaluation/Funding

Southern Oregon University – 2018-Present

Instructor – Teach the following in-class, online, and hybrid courses in the business school: Strategic Operations/Operations Management, Business Fundamentals, Nonprofit Management.

Green Springs Inn – 2017-Present

General Operations Manager – Tasked with rebuilding business model to increase revenue by 30% and reduce expenses overall by 65%. Under the new business model, responsible for re-staffing organization, managing events, facility rental and usage, and all human resource management duties.

EcoTeas Organic & Fair Trade Teas – 2007-2016

Vice President, Operations – EcoTeas is a small grass-roots tea company from Ashland, Oregon. Managed operations of the #1 organic tea in the country, including supply chain management, product line purchase forecasting, certification process management, import/export customs submissions. Direct oversight for inventory management, freight control, and packaging control for all SKUs. Finalized pricing strategies, managed customers worldwide, and acquired the following accounts: Cost Plus World Market, Costco, New Seasons, and PCC. EcoTeas increased 400% in product line items during this time.

University Guest Speaker  – 2015 & 2016

  • University of Oregon – 400 level Undergraduate Marketing classes, MBA Graduate Marketing classes, Social Media Club 
  • Southern Oregon University – 400 level Sustainability class

People’s Consulting, LLC  – 2006-Present

Owner – Guide professionals from all industries into a more clarified and efficient working environment. Past clients include: top natural foods industry leaders, leading US financial planners, best selling authors, and groundbreaking lawyers.

Dee has a B.S. in Business and an MBA in Management and Operations, with certificates in Management of Human Resources and Non-Profit Management from Southern Oregon University.

Modern Roots Foundation – 2013-Present

Founder and Executive Director – MRF is a nonprofit centered around fundraising to support low-income children in Jackson County to receive music lessons, instruments and more.

West Coast Country Music Festival – 2013-Present

Founder – This annual festival, held in August, celebrates traditional country and bluegrass music performed by acclaimed musicians from around the United States.

Rogue World Music –  Present

Board Member – RWM is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to building community and cultural awareness in the Rogue Valley through world music performance, education, and participation.

Scienceworks –  2001

Board Member – Aided in the launch and 501(c)3 acquisition of Scienceworks, a hands-on science museum in Ashland, Oregon that services over 40,000 visitors annually.