Innovation Consulting

As the world becomes progressively dependent on innovation, our brand of consulting and advising can benefit most industries, including those considered low-tech. If you’re looking for ways to identify growth opportunities in adjacent markets, organize your business to realize new customer solutions, or scale for long-term success – we can help.

We care about our contribution to the world and the sustainability of the planet. We are dedicated to bringing together a community of thinkers and doers who want to make a difference. And we want to help bring your vision to life.

Eastern Hemp Company

Eastern Hemp Company offers services to farmers and business owners interested in the Hemp and Cannabis industries. From Agricultural Systems Design to Product Formulation and Strategic Planning, we can help.

We are also building a collective of farmers, entrepreneurs, and community members working together to strengthen the local supply chain in Pennsylvania.

Pepper Bru™ – A Uniquely Spicy Experience

Pepper Bru™ juice contain contains all natural ingredients that are high in vitamins A and C,
with ZERO added caffeine or sugar.

Stimulate circulation and encourage mental clarity with our flagship flavor Lemon Bru.
It’s great whether you need a boost to your immune system or a unique pairing for your cocktail.

Atlas Alchemy

Atlas Alchemy is an eco-conscious company. We make holistic wellness products that incorporate hemp, medicinal mushrooms, and other natural healing herbs.

We focus on educating our customers about the benefits of hemp, as well as providing relief from their everyday and chronic pain. Our formulas seek to support system balance in you and your pets, so that you can retain your health and resume your life.

MycoSophia Research Institute

Mushrooms have long been seen by the Chinese, South East Asian, and South American cultures as being an important addition to healthy living. Not only can they be used to bring different tastes to the kitchen, they also help bolster our immune systems.

Get to know the healing power of Medicinal Mushrooms.